The Chair - Uniquely stable and dynamic sitting experience


Limbic® is the first chair that combines the latest from neuroscience with ergonomics. Its unique design stimulates the emotional center of the brain, the limbic system, to connect energy, focus and creativity.

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Designing from the brain - Watch Inno-Motion founder Dr. Patrik Künzler's TEDx talk

Limbic® smashes our expectations of what a chair should look like. Instead of one seat cushion there are two fully movable seating shells which are carefully formed with the latest research into ergonomics and neuroscience.

The result: Limbic® gives maximum freedom of movement, following not only each physical motion, but also each state of mind. You don’t sit, you float. You are not blocked, you are free. Your energy is not drained, it is stimulated. You can dance, move, stretch, relax and stay in tune with your thoughts. Because of this Limbic® has amazing effects on your mood and on your performance. Limbic® helps you focus better, lets your ideas flow, strengthens your posture, and helps you relax, at home and at the office.


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Product Details

The second series of Limbic® Chair is available now & includes:

  • Custom, made to measure Carbon fiber shells from Formula 1 production
  • Mechanicals individually adapted to you
  • Further possibilites of personalization, like logos or color on request
  • Handmade in Switzerland

For further customisation options please visit Limbic® Tailor-Made.

Do you want to experience a Limbic® Chair?

Limbic® is an experience and something you have to experience! We would love to show you how you can activate your limbic system with Limbic® first hand. We are convinced that when you feel the difference and the whole new experience of floating and not sitting you will start to get limbic.